Research Center for Organic Farming Development and Agroecotechnology Master Department of The Agriculture Faculty Syiah Kuala University Visit and Internship Programs in Malaysia


Head of the Research Center for Organic Farming Development Dr. nat. techn. Syafruddin, S.P., M.P. brought 10 Agroecotechnology Master students to Malaysia Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS). The program aims to open up insights and improve skills of student in sustainable agriculture and organic agriculture, initiate further collaboration for research development, and share information about sustainable agriculture in Malaysia and Indonesia, especially Aceh. "This brief apprenticeship program is very useful for Agroecotechnology Masters students, especially in terms of developing the potential and commercialization of herbal plants, developing vegetables and pineapples and beekeeper. Students practice in the visit, their knowledge and skills increase, "said Dr. nat. techn. Syafruddin, S.P., M.P., as the Coordinator of Sustainable Agriculture Subjects in the Agroecotechnology Master Program, Syiah Kuala University.

Dr. nat.techn. Syafruddin, S.P., M.P. also reported that the visit and apprenticeship program to Malaysia was also in the context of the demand for a curriculum based on Sustainable Agriculture. Specifically at Syiah Kuala University, the implementation of Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Agriculture has been implemented. Even together with the Research Center for Organic Agriculture Development and Master of Agroecotechnology Programs have also collaborated with several universities in Europe such as Agricultural University of Athens, Greece; Basilicata University, Italy and Uevora University, Portugal through the S-FARM (Sustainable Farming) Program.  Prof. Dr. Ir. Samadi, M.Sc is coordinator of this program in Unsyiah.

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One of the efforts to promote sustainable agriculture and organic agriculture is through a short visit and internship program at MAEPS. "We are welcome and pleased with this program. Insights of sustainable agriculture and organic farming are increasing and this certainly supports our research program so far. Hopefully this program will continue to be implemented and sustainable because it is very important to improve student knowledge and skills, especially in the sustainable agriculture, land-based remediation and waste management fields," said Maulana Zubir, one of the students who participated in the program. Finally, Dr. nat. techn. Syafruddin, S.P., M.P. as the Head of the Center for Organic Farming Development studies expressed his gratitude to the Unsyiah S-FARM Program and Agroecotechnology Master program who participated and succeeded in the program of visits and internships in Malaysia. Prof. Dr. Samadi, M.Sc. stated that this activity can support curricula that have been developed under S-FARM project.


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